Affordable Legal Access

Affordable Legal Access

Are you frustrated by Legal concerns?   If you were faced with a legal problem today...    What would you do?  Who would you call? Could you afford to pay for the best available legal advice or representation?  Well now you can...               

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Protect Yourself and Your Family

from lifes legal challenges from less than a dollar per day.

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Legal Protection is Smart Business

Protect your business from legal risk from as little as $36 per month.

Employee Legal Protection

Enhance your employees wellbeing with a legal benefits plan

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On call legal protection

when you need it most

Personal Plans

No matter where you are in life - starting your first job, retiring, or something in between - we have a legal plan to suit you:

A Pre-Paid Legal plan lets you as a member talk to a lawyer whenever you might have a problem, without fear of the cost. With proper legal advice most problems can be avoided or quickly resolved. If further services are needed, such as a letter sent, a contract reviewed  or representation in court, your pre-paid legal plan will ensure you  have the right lawyer to provide the right advice or support to handle the matter correctly and at a substantially reduced cost. Having a solicitor readily available means peace of mind and is the best way to protect your rights and ensure yourself of legal assistance when you need it.

Personal Plan benefits include:

  • Preventative legal services                                                                         
    • Telephone advice and consultation      
    • Face to face consultation
    • Phone calls and letters to third parties
    • A simple Will including updates and powers of attorney 
    • Contract and document review and preparation.
  • Sale and purchase of property/land.
  • Banking & finance legal services.
  • Motor Vehicle/Recreational Water Craft legal services.
  • Family/De facto law.
  • Employment and Workplace Relations.
  • Medical/Dental/Health Professional Negligence.
  • Court proceedings – Civil and criminal.
  • Income Taxation legal services.
  • Legal Shield – a 24 hour emergency service.
  • With Other Legal Services – covered at a preferred member rate for pre-existing issues and legal services not specifically included under your Personal Plan.

Please refer to the individual plans below for the level of Legal Services provided under each plan.



  • The Legal Access Plan is a cost effective introductory legal plan providing access to a wide range of personal legal services with savings tailored for those who are seeking an introduction to legal support, including single parents and those whose finances are often stretched. View Here.
  • The Value Plan is a cost effective legal plan that provides access to a wide range of legal services tailored specifically to suit the needs of seniors, retirees and those on pensions. View Here.
  • The Employee/Contractor Plan will provide for the employee or contractor whilst in the work environment as well as any personal legal issues that arise outside. View Here.
  • The Singles Plan is designed to meet the needs of financially independent single adults who have hectic lifestyles and want legal protection and access when they need it. View Here.
  • The Family Plan is a comprehensive and expanded legal plan that provides extensive access to a wide range of legal services and benefits for the whole family. View Here.
Personal Plans start from as little as $18.00 per month plus GST.


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