Affordable Legal Access

Affordable Legal Access

Are you frustrated by Legal concerns?   If you were faced with a legal problem today...    What would you do?  Who would you call? Could you afford to pay for the best available legal advice or representation?  Well now you can...               

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Protect Yourself and Your Family

from lifes legal challenges from less than a dollar per day.

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Legal Protection is Smart Business

Protect your business from legal risk from as little as $36 per month.

Employee Legal Protection

Enhance your employees wellbeing with a legal benefits plan

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On call legal protection

when you need it most

Our Legal Service Provider Network

Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to a quality law firm when they have a legal need.

Our provider law firm network is the result of extensive evaluation and of experience working with hundreds of lawyers across the country.

Australian Law Firms

You can rest assured that the Law Firms that make up our Legal Provider Network:

  • Are all well established firms
  • Have all been selected to serve you only after extensive investigation by Pre-Paid Legal
  • Are in good standing with their state or territory Bar Association and the Law Society
  • Have a service philosophy consistent with the high standards of Pre-Paid Legal
  • Understand and empathize with our member's legal problems
  • Will provide you with courteous and professional service at all times
  • Treat you the same as if you are their largest client in most cases
  • Consistently receive "excellent" to "very good" overall ratings from our members


Pre-Paid Legal Services takes selection of its Legal Service Providers seriously. Our criteria includes only dealing with established Law Firms committed to providing quality legal services to meet the needs of our members.

We expect the providers to demonstrate understanding and empathy with our members and provide courteous and professional service at all times.

All Legal Service Providers providers must be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their state or territory and have a history of practicing a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Our Legal Service Provider Monitoring System

 Pre-Paid Legal continually monitors the quality of service received by our members through a variety of quality control methods, including:

  • Legal Service Provider Profiles
  • Member Satisfaction Surveys
  • Member Feedback Requests
  • Selected Case Filing
  • Regular Providers' Meetings

These control methods, such as the regular random surveys of members who have used the legal services of the Legal Service Provider, are conducted regularly to ensure that quality of service is monitored at all times.

Any complaints received from members are documented and taken up with the Legal Service Provider immediately. Satisfactory resolution is our immediate priority.

We expect our Legal Service Providers to understand and empathise with the needs of our members and their legal problems.So when you do call a Legal Service Provider, you can have the confidence of knowing that you will receive the highest quality of professional legal service and support regarding your matter.

Legal Service Provider law firms are selected to serve members based on extensive investigation and  research and as such our Legal Service Provider Network is constantly being reviewed and expanded for the benefit of members.

What our Provider Lawyers have to say...

"We treat the individual member with the same care, concern and commitment as the largest client of our firm." - Johnston Withers

"If we can't keep one Pre-Paid Legal member happy when he or she calls, we'll have Pre-Paid Legal asking us why we didn't." - Swan River Law

"In the years of providing legal services for Pre-Paid Legal members we have seen that each and every day there is a tremendous value and benefit in having access to lawyer when you need one. If we can help an individual to resolve their legal issues before they become a legal problem, it makes all the difference" - Ilbery`s Lawyers

If you practice law and are in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in your State or Territory, have a minimum of 20 years experience and believe you have a service philosophy to meet the needs of our members, please complete the following information form.

Click Here to join the Pre-Paid Legal Service Provider Network  Legal Service Provider Network Application Form - PDF


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